The rates are easy to understand

You can call to any country at a flat rate that depends only on the country of your stay!* E.g. if you stay in China, you pay nothing for incoming calls and €0.50 per minute for all outgoing calls. It does not matter where you call: to China, or your home country, or anywhere else in the world.

There’s a special rate for outgoing calls to TravelSim numbers and voicemail in countries with free incoming calls! E.g. if you stay in Norway (where incoming calls are free), you call to friend’s TravelSim or your voicemail for just €0.19! Even if your friend is in the country with charged incoming calls.

A text message costs €0.11 within EU and otherwise mostly €0.35.
Because prices are continuously falling, this means you’ll be able to talk longer in the future for the same money.

Download TravelSim user manual.

* There are a few destinations with extra rate, if you call from anywhere to one of these places, there is an extra rate addition to an outbound call price.