Personal Assistant

The service "Personal Assistant" becomes available for all TravelSim Users from 01-12-2012. "Personal Assistant" provides information and concierge services, travel support, business services, medical assistance and emergency help services, as well as interpretation services in more than 77 languages. Please see the attached file with full list of services.

"Personal Assistant" is ready to help with any routine or emergency problem: providing any background information, performing small tasks, even organization of all-inclusive services on behalf of a client.

Personal Assistant" will help your clients in all key aspects of the trip

• reservation of a hotel, flight or train ticket, renting a car

• and other services

"Personal Assistant" will assist in organizing business meetings, conference calls, translation of documents, rent of office equipment, providing information about currencies rates and stock market indices, etc.

Assistance services are delivered by professional customer service executives and doctors using best-in-industry technology infrastructure and proven operational procedures.